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The Bahamas: Chief Superintendent placed on leave after voice note scandal

The Bahamas: Micheal Johnson, Chief Superintendent and Officer-in-charge of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Royal Bahamas Police Force has been currently granted ‘garden leave’ following the voice note controversy. It is to be noted that a voice note has been circulating which is claimed to be of Micheal Johnson and in it, he can be heard asking for a bribe.

Issuing the statement regarding this case, Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander stated that the decision had been taken in response to the voice note circulation. The Commissioner shared that the Royal Bahamas Police Force has taken the allegations seriously and are continuing the investigation on the case. The authorities have been extremely committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity.

The release further noted that the Chief Superintendent, Micheal Johnson, has also shared his consent in regards to proceeding on the garden leave, as the investigation in this matter is still pending.

Garden leave means that the individual is required to stay away from the duties, during this period, the person still remains an employee of the organization.

Also, it has been announced that from now on Chief Superintendent Anthon Rahming will look after the charge and responsibilities of the Officer-in-charge of the Criminal Investigation Department.

Commissioner Fernander also shared that the Royal Bahamas Police Force will remain dedicated to providing transparency and accountability and will always try to live up to the trust that the residents of the Bahamas have placed in them.

On this case, several citizens have shared their opinions stating that “it is an everyday story, this agency needs another agency to keep an eye on them and their deeds.” People continued saying that, “the people who are supposed to keep the country safe are taking bribes.”

Commissioner Fernander also ensured that all the details of the investigation would be shared and appropriate action would be taken based on the investigation’s findings.

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