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Jamaica: Road traffic deaths surpass 200 mark, 8% less than 2023

Jamaica: The Island Traffic Authority’s Road Safety Unit (RSU) has shared that the road traffic deaths in Jamaica have now surpassed the 200 count this year. RSU announced that the death counts have reached 202 as of July 5,204.

All this information was shared by RSU Jamaica in its weekly bulletin, which was released on July 5.

The release further shared that even if the country has passed the 200 mark in road deaths this year, the number remains 8% less than the number noted in the last year. It is also shared that during a similar period in 2023, 17 more road fatalities were reported.

The Unit revealed that in the past week, 3 deaths were recorded, including the death of a person riding a motorcycle, a pedestrian and a passenger who was traveling in a private motor car.

It is to be noted that the 202 recorded deaths due to road incidents till 5 July, include 175 deaths by fatal crashes. The fatal crashes number this year is 13% less than last year. Also 65 motorcyclists have been killed till the abovementioned period, whereas in the similar period last year, 69 deaths happened.

In 2024, 39 pedestrians 34 private motor cars drivers have been killed in comparison to 49 pedestrians and 33 drivers of private motor cars died in 2023. Also, an increase in passengers of private motor cars killed this year can be noted, which is 22 in 2024 and 18 in 2023.

The data revealed that excessive speeding took the lives of 48 this year and 46 last year, the numbers are almost identical. However, this is just because of speeding and no problem in road conditions.

Also, 38 deaths have been noted because the road users failed in to keep their vehicles in the right lane or on the correct side. This number has decreased in comparison to 44 people who died because of the same reason last year.

Also, this year, 18 people have died so far due to pedestrians walking or standing or stopping in the road, but 14 died in 2023 under same circumstances.

The Island Traffic Authority’s Road Safety Unit also shared that till July 5, 86% males and 14% females have died in road accidents.

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