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Jamaica reopens ports after Hurricane Beryl

Jamaica: The Port Authority of Jamaica has announced the reopening of several cargo and cruise ports on the island after the passage of Hurricane Beryl.

The locations that have been reopened for the operation are Kingston Harbour, Port of Montego Bay, Falmouth, Ocho Rios/Reynolds Pier, Port Antonio, and Portland Bight/Old Harbour Bay.

This decision has been taken by the authorities following the completion of surveys and a prepared review report that indicated that everything was clear and the services could be resumed.

The preliminary reports mentioned that no major damage to infrastructure or equipment has been noticed. The authorities further shared that all the systems have withstood the effects of Hurricane Beryl.

After the review, it was decided by the authorities to reopen the ports and on Thursday, the docking of ships at the designated terminals began at 6:00 PM. Which was part of the preparation for starting the services.

However, the operations were commenced on Friday at 7:00 AM, which led to a smooth flow at the reopened locations and services were delivered efficiently at all the ports.

The island was hit by Hurricane Beryl, then a category 4 storm. It is considered as the most powerful storm that has ever hit the country. The Beryl brought along strong winds and 12 hours of nonstop heavy rain.

Earlier, the country was under the curfew, which was lifted on Thursday. To date, thousands of homes in the country are without electricity and Jamaica is still coping with the aftermath of the Beryl.

Also, the United Nations has shared $4m from the organisations emergency response fund that will help in the recovery of Jamaica, Grenada and the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Port Authority has been constantly working on the resumption of normal business operations.

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