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PM Briceno declares Belize as safe, ‘all clear’ after Hurricane Beryl

Belize: The country of Belize is now safe to resume all activities after the passage of Hurricane Beryl, as Prime Minister John Briceno shared this news.

The statement issued by the PM Briceno said that Belize is no longer under the Hurricane Watch and ‘all clear’ for the country has been declared.

Belize also the member of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) was all ready to face the negative impacts while Hurricane Beryl was about to hit the country.

Sharing the positive news through press conference the Chief Meteorologist Ronald Gordan revealed that the Hurricane Beryl made the landfall five miles northeast of Tulum, Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula around 4:00 AM as a category 2 hurricane.

The estimated winds were 110mph at that time, according to the National Hurricane Center.

He further shared that Belize has minor impacts from the Bery, also the highest wind gust was recorded at 35 miles per hour in the north of Ranchito in the Corozal district.

Additionally, the country received a total rainfall of around 2 inches.

Belize also discontinued its tropical storm watch for the coast of the country and is not expecting any tropical storm conditions to affect the country.

The forecasters have shared that by Friday night the conditions are expected to improve in the Yucatán Peninsula, but as the Beryl will move towards the southwest Gulf of Mexico, heavy rains and winds can be witnessed.

Besides this, during the weekend, Beryl is expected to be moving towards north westward through the Gulf of Mexico toward the Mexico or Texas coast. During this period Beryl is expected to intensify.

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