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Whopping $2.4M Bailey Bridge in Petite Savanne finally coming to life

The construction of the Bailey Bridge in Petite Savanne, Dominica will improve vehicular access for the locals. The project was recently toured by Parliamentary Representative Jullan Defone, who said that it is moving at a decent pace.

Reportedly, the whopping $2.4 million bridge is being constructed by Emile Gaddarkhan et Fils and will improve access. In photos shared by GIS Dominica, JCB machines could be seen digging the ground.

The locals have been long asking for enhanced connectivity of two major areas in the constituency. This will also provide relief to the residents of Bagatelle. The government refers to this as a big investment “in a small village”.

The project was announced in 2021 by Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit and is yet to be completed.

Many people on social media shared their reactions after GIS Dominica shared images of the ongoing construction. It included both positive and negative reactions by the public.

A netizen named Michael Christopher, using the idiom “Rome wasn’t built in a day” said that the Government is motoring at full speed ahead.

However, not all reactions were positive, a user named Lester Roberts expressed his anguish on the delay of the construction. He added, “I hope the Bailey Bridge is temporary while plans are being made for a permanent bridge”.

Another user from a similar locality was happy to know that the Bailey Bridge in Petite Savanne is finally coming through. The user named Joachim Marshall said, “That’s it guys, I am happy to see this project coming through. From Grand Fond to Stowe for my red fish easy does it”.

Notably, this bridge along with several others was damaged during the passages of Hurricane Maria and Tropical Storm Erika. While now, only a few residents reside in the area, many others were relocated while some choose to stay in that particular area, prompting the government to make efforts for the reconstruction.

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