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Trinidad and Tobago escapes hurricane Beryl, PM Rowley extends help to affected regions

Trinidad and Tobago: After the passage of Hurricane Beryl, the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Dr. Keith Rowley has shared out the word to help the regions suffering from the devastating effects of it, after safely escaping it.

Taking to his Facebook account, PM Rowley shared that the country has survived the Beryl and has not faced any severe bruising. He further extended his sincerest thanks to his colleagues in CARICOM, who have been constantly reaching out to assist the residents of T&T, even while the Hurricane was bearing upon them.

Further, PM Rowley extended to offer support to the countries in need, such as Grenada and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Also he ensured that the tough time will pass if at this time as we pray “there but for the grace of God go I”.

It is to be noted that the Trinidad and Tobago managed to escape the Category 4 storm which has now moved to Barbados, Carriacou and other islands of the Windward Island chain on July1.

However, a small island in Grenada named Carriacou and Union Island in the St. Vincent and Grenadines were badly affected and were hard hit by Beryl.

Also, one death has been confirmed in the region of St Vincent.

Revealing the plan of action, CARICOM nations have announced a plan to help out the regions that require assistance.

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