Sunday, July 21, 2024

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Caribbean islands to be affected by Saharan Dust, residents warned

The Meteorological Services in various Caribbean regions have shared the possibility of an increase in dust haze is expected to cover the areas and cause problems on the Monday.

The Meteorological Services of St Vincent and the Grenadines have informed the residents related to increase of Saharan dust and about the changes in the dust concentrations in the environment. The department in its forecaste of 72-hours stated that the dust would cover the St Vincent and the Grenadines and cause haziness across the region.

All this will result in poor visibility for the residents.

Similarly, the Dominica Meteorological Office in Sunday’s weather forecast indicated that there will be an increase in the concentration of Saharan dust, resulting in decreasing the air quality and visibility on Monday.

Also, the experts have shared that people with respiratory ailments should remain cautious and take required precautions to avoid any sort of breathing complications.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department of Sint Maarten, in their Sunday outlook released that the local region will be affected by the Saharan dust and its varying concentrations.

The people with several allergies and respiratory illnesses are advised to take the precautions, by either using masks or by avoiding the outdoor visits.

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