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Guyana: Inter-agency operation leads to arrest of 3 Chinese, seizure of $39M and firearm

Guyana: A coordinated inter-agency intelligence operation led to the arrest of 3 Chinese Nationals and the recovery of 39 million Guyana dollars, on Tuesday. The trio is believed to be involved in gold smuggling and several illegal activities.

According to the reports, the authorities of Guyana received some information and acting upon it they raided a hotel in the city, which led to the seizure of 39 million Guyana dollars (approximately US$186,000) and illegal weapon.

The authorities revealed that a 9mm pistol without the license and fifteen matching rounds of ammunition were recovered during the raid. Additionally, the discovered money and weapons might be associated with illegal operations.

The apprehended suspects include two men and one woman. The authorities further revealed that according to their information, the suspects are part of a bigger criminal network, which they are finding out.

Currently, all three are in police custody and are assisting the authorities in regard to the investigation. The authorities are working to bust the criminal network, which they are either part of or running within Guyana or beyond the borders.

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