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Dominica: Penville community gets new playground

Penville, Dominica: The official commissioning of a newly built playground was occasioned during the weekend for the community of Penville. The project marks as a symbol of hope and joy especially for the children of the vicinity.

The playground is expanded into a huge area and includes colourful play structures to attract the children. The park has various swings, seesaws, tunnel rides and spinning rides for the little ones to engage in the playful activities during the evenings.


It is to be noted that the play sets that have been installed in the play area have been generously donated by the People’s Republic of China. This showcases the testament of the commitment that the People’s Republic of China has for the development of the Commonwealth of Dominica and their dedication towards the well-being of the future of Dominica.

The celebrations doubled for the residents of Penville as the opening of the ground coincided with the birthday of their Parliamentary Representative, Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit.

The simple commissioning ceremony was attended by Prime Minister Dr Roosevelt Skerrit, Housing Minister Melissa Skerrit, Chinese Ambassador to Dominica Chu Maoming, several other dignitaries, and the children of the local community.

PM Skerrit, while addressing the guests shared that in the coming weeks the project will move to the next phase, that will be construction of Gazebo. This will provide a seating area for the parents to sit and watch their wards enjoy and play in the park.

He further encouraged the children and parents to use the facility regularly and properly to take away the positive aspects of the play.

Minister Melissa Skerrit congratulated and shared her vision for every child of Dominica to play and grow. She also revealed that the Chinese Government has recently donated a large play set to the city of Roseau, which will be installed soon.

The government has shared their plan to construct the playground facilities across the island with an aim to provide the joy of play to children in every single constituency of Dominica.

Also, playgrounds are expected to play a crucial role in the developing and growing years of every child, as they provide the opportunity to indulge in physical activities, enhance social skills and foster creativity. The play areas also delve in the sense of unity and team spirit.

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