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Dominica Cable Car Project: Beautiful story unfolding in Roseau Valley, says PM Skerrit

Dominica Cable Car project in Laudat, Roseau Valley an upcoming tourism marvel is progressing at a greater pace. Recently, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit led a site visit to the cable car development. During his visit at the site PM Skerrit had a hearty conversation with the construction crew regarding the infrastructural development and media present at the site.

Initially, he hailed the pace at which the cable car project is progressing and is ready to be an attractive tourism spot. PM Skerrit referred to it as a game-changer for Dominica’s Tourism.

While addressing the media professionals, PM Skerrit shared Dominica is all ready to be a tourist hub with world’s longest Cable Car. Dominica will have an edge over other Caribbean regions with this project.

PM Skerrit highlighted that Dominica is blessed with the world’s wonder in the form of the second largest Boiling Lake, but due to lack of access tourists can’t make it to the point to have its glance. But with completion of cable car project, it will be a smooth ride amidst the nature’s isle leading to the beauty of Boling Lake.

Earlier three and a half hours trek full of hurdles, be it weather conditions or wet soil would stop tourists from enjoying the nature’s beauty but now, a smooth ride under 20 minutes will lead the admirers to the tip and allow them to enjoy the landscape of Dominica.

PM Skerrit emphasised apart from physical challenges the administration vision on completion will provide every individual with an equal opportunity to enjoy the magnificence of the Boiling Lake.

Dominica Cable Car project in the coming time would be a major tourism attraction and will be as popular as Niagara Falls in Canada and the Eiffel Tower in Paris is, PM Skerrit cited.

Infrastructural developments

Dominica Cable Car project spanning 6600 meters and featuring two stations and built on twenty support towers, the spot is labelled as a beautiful story unfolding in the Roseau Valley.

The two stations include, the first station that will be located at the base or the take off point. The first station will have an administrative building, concierge station, ticket office, boutiques, boarding area and food court.

The second station, known as the top station, will contain a restaurant and viewing platform.

Cable Car as an economy enhancer

PM Skerrit shared, currently the cable car project has employed over 210 people. Out of which 200 are Dominicans and the rest are skilled workers from outside Dominica.

The workers excitedly shared that they are they are would like to see the Cable Car completed before time, but they are hoping that there is a delay in construction, as they are being paid well. PM Skerrit shared as a matter of fact the crew is being paid around 25% more than what they get paid otherwise.

Dr. Irving McIntyre, the parliamentary representative of the Roseau Valley, added the cable car project will prove to be major project for the constituency. He proudly shared that every other worker on the site he greeted was from his constituency, so the economic impact can be imagined on the people of the valley.

The flagship imitative is accepted to increase the tourism by three times and also benefit the local people by creation of job opportunities for tour guides, taxi operators.

It would benefit the taxi industry, the hospitality industry, and also the people who have registered their properties with Airbnb.

Cable Car construction adopts environment friendly approach

Tourism Minister Denise Charles and Finance Minister Dr. Irving McIntyre accompanied PM Skerrit during the site visit and called the project a sustainable and environment friendly.

Minister Charles lauded the approach that has been applied by the construction company, as “it has a minimal impact on the environment”. She added that the tram will go from one side and will end at the other side, but the project is not at all affecting the natural infrastructure of the country. Instead, it will allow people to enjoy the nature’s isle and reach the destination to embrace the beautiful boiling lake.

PM Skerrit appreciated the team efforts of ABL Holdings Limited and Doppelmayr, a world leader in cable car technology. He noted that the meticulous and sustainable engineering efforts that the companies have undertaken are remarkable. Working in a risky condition of heavy rainfall and wet soil the developers have ensured the safety of all the workers and considered top class engineering practices.

Cable Car’s positive impact on nearby tourist attractions

The cable car will surely be the top visited site, but the tourists that will board via sea are also likely to visit nearby attractions including Trafalgar Falls, Fresh Water Lake, Hotsprings and several other spots. This will eventually increase the traffic at all the sites collectively and boost the GDP of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

PM Skerrit shared that the momentum the project is going at its estimated completion will be by December, 2025.

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