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Creighton Snaps No. 1 UConn’s 14-Game Win Streak

Creighton ended their streak of losses against top-ranked teams by defeating UConn, halting the Huskies’ 14-game winning streak. Despite previous unsuccessful attempts against number one ranked teams, the No. 15 Bluejays managed to secure a significant victory, leading with a double-digit margin in the first half and ultimately winning 85-66 on Tuesday night.

Coach Greg McDermott described the win as historic for Creighton, attributing it to the collective effort of many individuals over time. He commended his team for playing exceptionally well against a formidable opponent like UConn, acknowledging the Huskies’ potential to contend for a national championship while also highlighting Creighton’s own prowess.

Creighton maintained a comfortable lead throughout the game, extending it to 23 points with 10 minutes remaining. Although UConn managed to reduce the deficit to 10 points at one stage, Creighton’s defense held firm, preventing the defending champions from scoring on five consecutive possessions. The victory prompted an exuberant response from fans, who flooded the court in celebration as soon as the final buzzer sounded.

For UConn, the loss marked the end of their 14-game winning streak, which had been the longest active streak in Division I. Coach Dan Hurley admitted that his team had encountered a formidable opponent in Creighton and expressed disappointment in their performance.

Steven Ashworth, Trey Alexander, and Ryan Kalkbrenner were standout performers for Creighton, contributing significantly to the team’s success. The Bluejays’ impressive shooting, particularly from beyond the arc, played a crucial role in securing the victory.

Conditions seemed favorable for Creighton, with the team entering the game on the back of several convincing wins and enjoying strong offensive momentum. In contrast, UConn appeared fatigued from a demanding schedule, playing their third game in seven days.

Despite the unexpected outcome, Hurley acknowledged Creighton’s quality as an opponent and expressed regret over his team’s performance. The loss marked UConn’s 19th consecutive road defeat against ranked opponents.

Tristen Newton stood out for UConn with a strong performance in the second half, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Creighton’s dominance. The Huskies’ struggles from beyond the arc and their inability to contain Creighton’s offense ultimately led to their defeat.

Overall, Creighton’s victory against top-ranked UConn was a significant achievement for the program, showcasing their potential as a formidable contender in college basketball.

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