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Seven tips to improve the performance of your WiFi network

Francisco Saravia



If your WiFi network is having a weak signal, maybe you should check this list.

Have you ever had problems with the WiFi signal that reaches your device? Surely it has always happened to all of us although we pay a certain speed, this does not translate into our experience when surfing the internet. No doubt this is a very troublesome situation that does not occur in isolation for a single day. We can see this for a long time and without any change.

We almost always blame the internet provider. However, there is also the possibility that we are doing something wrong, especially with the router. This is something normal, because normally they are details that seem obvious but that we usually overlook.

7 useful tips to improve the functioning of your Wifi network

  1. Obviously we must take into account the place where the router is installed and the point where we want the signal to be more stable (logically where we will be with our device most of the time). Applications like Wifi Analyzer allow us to know the intensity with which the signal reaches the position where our smartphone is. This app also makes a comparison with other nearby signals.
  2. Make sure that the router is in the most central room of the entire house. In addition, we must ensure that there are no major interferences such as walls or ceilings between this and our device (smartphone, TV, PC, etc). Any obstacle can interfere with the performance of the signal.
  3. Complementing the above, you should put the router at a high point and not on the ground. Do not put objects on it or put it in cabinets or similar containers. Avoid putting it next to appliances that interfere with your signal such as cordless phones, microwaves, security alarms, etc. Additionally, it must be far from mirrors, windows, fish tanks, metals, etc.
  4. It never hurts to mention that too many connected equipment will reduce the speed in each one of them. It is advisable to change the network password frequently and that this is not too easy. If you believe that your neighbor is connecting to your network without your permission, you can quickly change the password by logging in to your router.
  5. To extend the coverage of the signal, you can buy a Wifi repeater. Small versions that connect directly to the electric network are available from $ 20 and up on the Internet. On the other hand, you can also buy a router that is configured as a repeater. Both can be achieved with characteristic of “Wallbreaker”, which resists a bit the signal weakening caused by obstacles.
  6. Streaming services such as Netflix or playing online games require good bandwidth. If this is combined with other internet uses at the time, very poor performance will be obtained. The ideal in these cases is not to depend on the Wifi signal and connect the device by cable.
  7. If you are still having problems with the signal, you can check with the internet provider. Of course, before you should do a speed test to know if the network does not offer what the plan dictates. To do this, you must close other applications that use the internet and be connected by local network.

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Walmart wants to spy on the heart rate of its customers with shopping carts

Francisco Saravia



That shopping cart will not be as innocent as it looks now. Walmart says it is to prevent an emergency.

Walmart is a company that in recent years has distinguished itself by its enthusiastic use of new technologies. Although by looking at its most recent project we can not avoid labeling it as something strange.

It turns out that a patent record has just been leaked. Where the company describes a sophisticated and invasive heart rate monitoring system for its consumers.

Under the name of System and Method for Biometric Feedback Cart Handle (System and biometric feedback method for the carriage handle). The document describes a new generation of shopping trolleys.

Same shopping cart except the bar would have a series of sensors connected to the network that it would collect real-time data on a buyer’s heart rate, body temperature, grip, and walking speed. This system would provide the company with a wide variety of information about how buyers are physically responding to different stores, aisles and products.

Absolutely all the data collected would go directly to the Walmart servers. And it seems that everything is set up to develop better marketing strategies experiences in their stores. But Walmart says that in reality everything is a humanitarian act since the system would be designed for employees to call an ambulance if they detect abnormal heart rhythms or failures.

And not a single piece of information about your heart rate (and shopping habits inside the store) would be stored by the store. Obviously…

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Revised state law could force homeowners to upgrade their smoke detectors



An update to Illinois’ smoke detector law could force homeowners to make an upgrade.

The revised state law requires an alarm with a 10-year sealed battery be installed in all dwellings that don’t already have hardwired smoke detectors. That means many homes will be replacing the basic 9-volt battery units that have been around for some time. Phil Zaleski, executive director of the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance, says safety concerns drove the change.

“In residential fire deaths, approximately 67 percent of the homes where someone is found dead, there is a smoke alarm that is not working or where a battery has been removed from the smoke alarm,” Zaleski said. “This removes the opportunity to disable the smoke alarm.”

Zaleski said that units near the kitchen sometimes are turned off for convenience. The new alarms instead come equipped with a “hush button” that allows residents to temporarily turn off the smoke detector for 15 minutes.

Zaleski says more than 15 states around the country have a similar law, along with some major cities that have adopted an ordinance covering their residents. There are upfront costs, as the 10-year units generally cost about $15, about three times as much as the basic 9-volt alarms. But Zaleski said the switch should save money over time.

“With the 10-year battery, you never have to have those battery replacement costs,” Zaleski said. “So you’re going to save yourself $40 or $50 over the life of each smoke alarm in your home. If you have a multi-level home with multiple bedrooms, that can add up.”

Enforcement will be left largely to local authorities.

“It’s done at a local level,” Zaleski said. “It will be the responsibility of the fire departments. Whether they are responding to an EMS call inside a home or something else, hopefully they are looking for this when they enter a home.”

While fines are technically possible for violations, Zaleski said he’s never heard of an incident where that’s been the outcome. He says it’s far more likely authorities will simply work with residents to find a solution.

“A lot of the fire departments across the state have installation programs in place in which they’ll actually bring out free smoke alarms to the residents and install them,” Zaleski said. “They’re not looking to fine the residents, they’re not looking to make money.”

Any home with hard-wired smoke detectors is exempt from the law, meaning most homes built since 1988 shouldn’t have to make a change. Homes with smoke detectors running on a low-powered radio frequency or wi-fi don’t have to comply.

Also exempt are Chicago residents, who received a carve-out from the mandate.

“There was a bit of resistance when working with them, and what we didn’t want to have happen is to not make a change for the other nine million residents in the state,” Zaleski said. “It’s for everybody outside of the Chicago borders.”

The deadline to make the switch is the end of 2022.

Article by Scot Bertman with Illinois News Network. For more INN News visit

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Motorola patents an autonomous car that can arrest you

Staff Contributor



We bring you a peculiar case. Of those that make you wonder why someone would be interested in inventing this kind of thing. It is an autonomous car patented by Motorola, which would be able to arrest its passengers.

The description might sound absurd. But, according to public patent records, discovered by JWZ colleagues; we find ourselves with an autonomous patrol vehicle for the police. Which can analyze the detainees in it.

It is well thought of and strange. But technically the autonomous car would work like this:

The suspect is arrested and put into the police car.
There the intelligent equipment of the vehicle is used.
A quick breathalyzer test is applied to the devices themselves.
A screen reads your rights to the detainee.
A smart assistant allows you to contact your lawyer.
You can even link a video conference with your defender
You can make online payment of fines and penalties to release the detainee.
And as appropriate, the autonomous car can only drive itself. To take the prisoner to jail, his house, the police station; or where appropriate.
In effect, this smart patrol does practically all the work of a policeman. And that may sound very attractive to the authorities.

However, it remains a mere patent. And it may be years before we see this toy in

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