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Springfield Daily Live w/Eric Broughton

Springfield Daily Live 1.0

The Thomas Clatterbuck Show

Episode 26

State Senator Andy Manar

Episode 25

Sheriff Candidate Odie Carpenter Jr.

Episode 24

Sheriff Candidate Jack Campbell

Episode 23

Congressional Candidate Junius Rodriguez

Episode 22

Congressman Rodney Davis

Episode 21

Congressional Candidate Betsy Dirksen Londrigan

Episode 20

Illinois Governor Candidate Kash Jackson and Lt. Governor Candidate Sanj Mohip 

Episode 19

Illinois State Treasurer Candidate Mike Leheney

Episode 18

Comptroller Candidate Claire Ball

Episode 17

Secretary of State Candidate Steve Dutner 

Episode 16

Illinois House Candidate Dillon Clark

Episode 15

Congressional Candidate Brian Deters

Episode 14

Congressional Candidate Angel Sides

Episode 13

Congressional Candidate Darrel Miller

Episode 12

Illinois Attorney General Candidate Gary Grasso

Episode 11

Congressional Candidate Donald Rients

Episode 10

Illinois House Candidate Steven Westerfield

Episode 9

Congressional Candidate Dr. David Gill

Episode 8

Illinois Attorney General Candidate Renato Mariotti

Episode 7

Illinois Governor Candidate Dr. Robert Marshall

Episode 6

Illinois Governor Candidate Bob Daiber

Episode 5

Illinois Attorney General Candidate Mayor Nancy Rotering

Episode 4

Congressional Candidate Erik Jones

Episode 3

State Senate Candidate Seth McMillan

Episode 2

Congressional Candidate Betsy Dirksen Londrigan

Pilot Episode 1

Congressional Candidate Jon Ebel