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The consistory launches the Friendly Banking project with the elderly to combat the digital gap in financial services, for which it will have the collaboration of Ibercaja, CaixaBank and Laboral Kutxa.

These three entities are the first to join this initiative with which it is intended to extend the project to the largest number of branches to guarantee personalized treatment, security, accessibility and support in the management of digital media. At the moment, in an initial phase, there are 107 bank branches in Zaragoza that will apply the friendly banking measures with the elderly, of which 64 are from Ibercaja, 28 from CaixaBank and 15 from Laboral Kutxa.

With this objective, the Department for the Elderly will continue to maintain contacts to promote the adaptation of banking services to the needs and capacities of the elderly population, achieving a more comfortable and friendly city with this group.

In the presentation, the mayor of Zaragoza, Jorge Azcón, highlighted the “scale” of this project, whose aspiration is to have accessible financial services to improve the care provided to the elderly.

In addition, he added that the ultimate purpose is to help the elderly in the face of digital transformation , which generates “uncertainties and anguish” for which it is promoted that banking entities attend to them according to their needs in the face of what the City Council of Zaragoza “has been sensitive.”

The signatory entities undertake to take a series of measures aimed at guaranteeing and improving face-to-face care, safety, physical and sensory accessibility, support and learning of digital media, training of employees for care of the elderly and awareness to avoid any discrimination based on age.

In this way, among the measures that are being considered, the personalized attention schedules stand out , with priority of a minimum of two hours a day in the busiest time slot and the signage in the waiting area seats reserved for the elderly, apart from facilitating the procedures and adapt digital programs and applications.

For its part, the Zaragoza City Council will collaborate in the training of employees of the entity and will disseminate the initiative through the network of coexistence centers and on the municipal website.

The initiative also contemplates the creation of teams of older people who will be in charge of visiting the branches to assess compliance with the agreed improvement points.

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