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We have seen it on Instagram, Tik Tok, in the press, on television… we know that Dubai is something else, a paradise of beaches with crystal clear waters where technology and tradition merge in a very special way. From the purest traditional Arab lifestyle to the latest technological advances in the world: this is Dubai. A city of world records and unusual experiences, unique in the world.

Dubai has become in a very short time one of the most preferred destinations in the world throughout the year, even in the summer . Despite the high temperatures typical of this desert area, the city offers endless indoor activities of a level that goes beyond the extraordinary.

Each activity that we propose below guarantees a vacation, as well as unforgettable, of Guinness Record that can only be experienced in this city. Take note of these essentials on your first trip to Dubai or the next, in case you are looking for another excuse to visit this emirate again.

Witness what we will live in a few decades
A space where you can learn about the latest inventions, advances in technology or even a representation of what the world of the future will be like: you can find all this in the Museum of the Future, one of the biggest attractions in Dubai.

Inaugurated in February of this year, this museum is one of the most impressive milestones in technology, science and knowledge in recent years. A scientific and intellectual center where the brightest talents in science come together. The museum will transport you to the year 2071 through virtual and augmented reality, big data analysis, artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction… A trip to the future!

An underwater chess game? In the deepest pool in the world
Welcome to Deep Dive Dubai! deepest pool in the world, 60 meters in which you can explore this modern Atlantis that does not lack detail. It has diving and apnea classes throughout the year and for all levels. An experience for the most adventurous that you cannot miss on your visit to Dubai.

Where Dubai seems infinite
And from the depths of Dubai we go up to the sky: Aura Skypool, the highest 360º infinity pool in the world. You can find the best panoramic view of Dubai here, suspended 200 meters high and with unparalleled views of the city’s Skyline.

A perfect place to spend the day: you can enjoy good music accompanying your mid-day lunch and stay until sunset so you don’t miss the spectacular sunset that you can enjoy. Of course the night continues in Aura Skypool: a perfect date to see the stars that illuminate the city of Dubai.

A dinner in the sky of Dubai
We continue to enjoy Dubai from above. Would you sign up for a dinner suspended on a crane 50 meters above the ground? Not suitable for those who are afraid of heights, Sky Experience is another of the appointments that you cannot miss in Dubai. A dinner with views of the city that you will not be able to get from any other point. An unparalleled experience!

Enjoy one of the best restaurants in Dubai submerged in the ocean
A sublime atmosphere in the best Mediterranean restaurant in Dubai. Ossiano Underwater Bar Restaurant is located in Atlantis Dubai, one of the most exclusive hotels in the city. Dining with sharks, stingrays and colorful fish strolling peacefully through the ocean that surrounds you, without a doubt, one of the experiences that you cannot miss if you go to Dubai.

The chef at the head of the restaurant, Grégoire Berger, is the youngest and only one in the country to be among the 100 Best Chefs for five years in a row. He stands out for turning his dishes into a work of art and for his visionary approach to cooking.

A mini city within Dubai: welcome to the Dubai Mall
Cinemas, restaurants, a viewpoint, virtual reality parks, an aquarium, a zoo, hotels… One of the best options to shelter from the heat of the city. With all kinds of activities, the Dubai Mall is the perfect plan to spend a whole day enjoying all kinds of activities.

Ski in the desert?
In Dubai everything is possible. The largest indoor ski slope in the world is located here, in Dubai, specifically in the Dubai Mall. The Ski Dubai ticket price includes full equipment, so you won’t have to worry about packing outfits from ski.

For those who are not big fans of skiing, but would like to feel like they are in Formigal, they have the option of strolling through the facilities, jumping down the frozen slides or having a drink at the ice bar.

The most beautiful beaches in Dubai
If Dubai is characterized by something, it is the paradisiacal beaches that surround it. For the more adventurous there is Surf House Dubai or Kite Beach by Meraas, where you can enjoy a surfer and adventurous atmosphere.

For a family getaway, one of the best options is Black Palace Beach, a relatively unknown public beach located in front of Palm Jumeirah. They could not miss The Beach and La Mer, two beaches with a leisure atmosphere with cafes, shops and many more facilities that allow you to enjoy the Dubai beach in a different way.

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