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New investments are setting their sights on the new city Vegas Altas, positive economic expectations, was one of the most important points of the report made by the University of Extremadura to promote this union , according to the mayor of Don Benito, José Luis Quintana .

Vegas Altas already exists as a united agricultural region “long ago” and has one of the highest economic returns in Extremadura when designated by the European Union.

Such expectation has generated this union that Don Benito will be the headquarters of a new Industrial Estate that Avante will build and that will be for the benefit of this new city that already has some 4,500 companies , some as important as Tany Nature specialized in stone fruit.

José Luis Quintana highlighted the importance of agriculture in both cities, which have developed a strong agro-industrial sector, “a solid base” for the future city of Vegas Altas, which has given a significant boost to the services and trade sectors.

A situation that with the important commitment of the new railway planning will attract more investment, the ability to connect their companies with rail transport will be an important added boost. For this reason, this new city will continue to urge the electrification of the road to become a reality as soon as possible

Vegas Altas will be a reality in 2027 when its residents can elect the future municipal corporation that will be in charge of managing this city, which will become the third largest population in the region with 63,000 inhabitants and the third in Gross Domestic Product.

Likewise, it will have an area of ​​700 square kilometers and would be the first agro-industrial power in the country, according to reports. And regarding the municipal corporation, the forecast is that it is made up of 25 councillors.

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