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The story of Agapito García , the largest Treasury debtor , goes back 30 years. It all started in the late 1980s, when he sold his companies and the Tax Agency accused him of using a company to evade taxes.

Since then, year after year, the treasury has followed in his footsteps. He has been in court ; he has been acquitted ; he always appears on the list of defaulters of the ‘old acquaintances’ of the Treasury; his story of him has a documentary; and, at 79 years old, he receives a single and “low” pension .

One week has passed since the Treasury’s last publication on its list of defaulters. Among the names that stand out , such as that of commission agent Luis Medina Abascal, José María Aristrain, Sergi Arola or former soccer player Samuel Eto’o, appears once again that of Agapito García Sánchez.

The businessman from La Mancha appears again as one of the taxpayers who owes the most to the treasury, with a debt that exceeds 15 million euros ; although for some time he is no longer the most delinquent natural person.

failed operation
García Sánchez made his fortune in the 1980s when he ventured into construction and variable capital investment companies (sicav) , as described by El Independiente.

His moment of augury came to an end when he decided to sell four companies for 23 million euros . After that deal, the Treasury considered that the man from La Mancha evaded taxes and in 1990 assigned him a fine of 20 million euros, which, plus taxes and surcharges, rose to 36 million , of which they have to pay a little less than half ( 15 million).

Being accused of finance, García Sánchez had to sit on the bench of the Provincial Court of Madrid in 2020 . On that occasion, the prosecution requested four years in prison for defrauding 1.5 million euros in 2009.

Absolute judgment
Given this scenario, the businessman denied being a ” fraudster ” and accused the Treasury of “arbitrary”, of having been persecuting him for 30 years and of “twisting” the legality. “For me, the Tax Agency has no credibility .” Furthermore, he maintained in his speech that he was going to “die” fighting her.

Later, García Sánchez beat the Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney’s Office in court by granting the businessman an acquittal . Despite the fact that he did not go to jail, his debt was still valid and he appears on the usual list of the ‘old acquaintances’ of the Treasury.

‘Hollywood’ history
The story of Agapito García struck a chord with Sevillian filmmaker Alejo Moreno . With her he made the documentary ” Proven Facts” that revolves around the figure of the businessman and the treasury’s persecution of his person. As can be seen on the documentary’s website, the project makes visible the ” violation” of the fundamental rights of Spanish citizens.

Not even for a coffee…
Agapito García’s life went by between trials, courts, numbers, debts, depressions. Owing 15 million euros, being retired, with a low pension, is a figure that he will be very difficult to answer . According to El Independiente, his current economic “availability” is very short and he is away from business life . He has no university studies and has declared that he does not even have money to pay for a coffee .

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