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The peach crop is one of the most affected by yesterday’s storms in this area of ​​the Aragonese community, in which almond, olive and grape trees have also been damaged.

Within Bajo Aragón, the damage has not affected all localities equally. Specifically, Mazaleón is the municipality in which the most damage has been detected, especially in peach farms . Of the few plots that remain of this crop after the incidence of the Sharka virus, which forced almost all the trees to be uprooted, the first estimates point to an affection of between 80% and 90%, according to data from UAGA-COAG.

In this same town, other productions have also been affected, such as the almond tree , which had previously suffered the consequences of the frosts at the beginning of April. The rest of the production, now, has been affected by yesterday’s storm. The damage has also reached the olive and grape groves , although estimates are not yet available.

In addition to Mazaleón, the storms in Bajo Aragón have also affected Calaceite , especially the Termino Maella area. In this case, the condition is estimated between 60% and 70%. In this area, the strong gusts of wind have uprooted almond trees , apart from having “quite a lot of damage” in the vineyard.

The damage has reached other towns in Bajo Aragón, such as Alcañiz , with damage to numerous companies with destroyed roofs and infrastructure, or Calanda and Andorra , where the hail has wiped out practically the entire peach harvest , apart from other conditions derived from the 83 square meters fallen in a short space of time.

catastrophic zone
Faced with this situation, the Popular Party has demanded the declaration of a catastrophic area for the municipalities affected by the hail or tornado experienced in recent days in Bajo Aragón, such as the towns of Calanda, Andorra and Alcañiz, for which they will present a Proposal No of Law in which the central Government will be urged to declare a catastrophic zone .

The first estimates point to “very important conditions” in municipal facilities, homes, businesses and farms. One reason why the national deputy and mayor of Calanda, Alberto Herrero, has requested “diligence” from the administrations so that all those affected receive financial aid “as soon as possible. There is no time to lose and the people of Bajo Aragon cannot wait because their homes and livelihoods have been damaged”.

“Now is the time for public administrations and to be by the side of the people because they need their support more than ever to rehabilitate their homes, their businesses or to be able to deal with losses that may lead them to cease their activity definitively,” he said. declared Alberto Herrero. Otherwise, he has warned, “many jobs will be lost in rural areas and we will be leading them to leave their villages.”

The Non-law Proposal of the Popular Party in the Congress of Deputies is committed to carrying out an immediate assessment of the damage caused for the “urgent” declaration of a catastrophic area.

In addition, the training affects the need for agility in the payment of insurance and also the inclusion of amendments in the drought decree so that Bajo Aragón can benefit from these aids to face these events.

A rush that Herrero sees as key because “the future of many people depends on these amounts that are so necessary. We cannot tolerate or expect delays for a decision that is justified, that is more than a priority and fundamental for the future of our municipalities.”

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