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Johnson’s resignation stirs political waters across the UK, and affects every pending strategy. Scotland’s chief minister, the nationalist Nicola Sturgeon, has made her opinion clear about the idea of ​​him remaining as interim prime minister: “There is a general sense of relief after the chaos of these days, but the idea of ​​Boris Johnson remaining as prime minister until the autumn does not seem the ideal scenario and, would it be sustainable? ”, Sturgeon wrote on his Twitter account.

The revolt in the heart of the British Executive has put an end to weeks of political crisis around the Johnson Government. The Pincher case broke out in the hands of the Tory leader a month after he passed a motion of censure over the so-called partygate , the scandal of the parties held in Downing Street during the pandemic and against the rules established to prevent contagion. Johnson overcame the ordago launched by party colleagues, but was touched, with more than 41% of his deputies against him.

Johnson assumed the head of the British Government in July 2019 as the brand-new leader of the Conservative Party and after the resignation of the then Prime Minister, also a Conservative Theresa May, singled out among her own for not carrying out the Brexit for which they had voted . citizens in the summer of 2016.

Five months after occupying Downing Street, Johnson, who had forged a brilliant career as mayor of London, swept the elections and sank the opposition, Labor, even in some of its fiefdoms. This comfortable victory has been one of the pillars that has allowed Johnson to survive in the face of the flood of scandals that have been dotting his mandate. Until now.

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